autonomous advertising

Poppar enables people, products, and places to advertise themselves


Here’s why Poppar is unquestionably the #1 choice...

A Poppar code is a graphic identifier that tells people that an image has AR content attached to it.

Poppar provides the following benefits.

1. A Poppar code lets the advertiser own their advertisement.

Each Poppar code is unique so you can retain control of the content that is shown in your advertisement.

2. A Poppar code means better analytics

With a unique Poppar code placed on each ad the advertiser can get data analytics specific to each insertion and understand which insertion or publication is working hardest for them.

3. Same ad, different AR experience

Standard image look-up means each ad has to show the same AR experience. With a unique Poppar code on the same ad copy in different magazines an advertiser can tailor the AR experience accordingly to engage the right audience with the relevant content and call to action.

4. Same publication, different editions

Different editions of a magazine issue (domestic, international, subscriber) often have subtle variations to their covers and editorial. This makes it hard for other AR apps to discern between them causing issues from a tracking perspective (i.e. making it "jittery"). With Poppar codes this problem goes away.

5. No "best before" date

Other AR apps can only be looking for a certain amount of images at any one time. This is why they have to put a limit on how long content can stay live. Poppar code content stays in the cloud and can be accessed anytime.

6. Autovertiser Team

We are industry veterans in the Studio Capital of the world. Let our people do the "heavy" lifting in your advertising campaigns.